Mama Look Up


Outside of my career, I enjoy having a creative outlet and have always loved photography.  A couple years ago I decided to create an Etsy shop to share my photos in the form of notecards.  However through my journey of infertility and recurrent pregnancy loss I have changed the focus of my Etsy shop to cards and gifts for those who have been through pregnancy loss, miscarriage or stillbirth.  My shop is now called “Mama Look Up.”   I created “Mama Look Up” as a place where I can share words of encouragement and hope for recovery and a life that “looks up” to their angel baby, a life that lives on for the love of their child and an openness to the gifts that can be received if our hearts remain open during our darkest days.

The transition of this shop is June/July 2017.  Please return to my shop as items are currently being created and will be added with this new focus in mind.

Please also view the tab on 31 chances for the “Angel Baby Keepsake” which is also available in my Etsy shop.

Please visit my Etsy shop:  Mama Look Up


Please also visit my photography website:

You are welcome to follow me on Instagram:  chrissyj_31chances

And coming soon on Instagram:  mamalookup

My images:

Photo images in my blog posts listed with photo credit to “CJE” are photos that were taken by me.

COPYRIGHT: All images with photo credit “CJE” are owned and copyrighted. These images may not be used without written consent by the owner



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