Faith, Hope and Dreams

blogentry 10photoYesterday was a really hard day for me. I was exhausted and in tears most of the evening. My husband and I had a long talk about hope and faith and not giving up.  His words have stayed with me today and this is what I heard him say…

While you feel you have lost hope,

It is not gone.

I am holding it for you.

While you search for faith,

I will keep mine close.

I will wait for you.

While you see darkness

I can see a baby in your arms.

I will save this dream until yours is no longer broken.

Photo by CJE – Peru

The Middle


I’m stuck in the middle of this empty place

Where dreams were stripped away

And I can’t figure out how to say goodbye

To reach the end of a beginning that had so recently started

It simply slipped away before my heart could comprehend it was gone

Stuck in this middle place where it’s too soon to see the next beginning

And my mind doesn’t yet believe in starting over

So I will just stay here for awhile in between places

Until the emptiness is replaced by hope

Photo by CJE – Peru