Our Journey


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2012:  We get married and start exploring our options to make a baby.  We decide to move forward with IVF upon return from our honeymoon.

December 26, 2012:  First round of IVF resulting in 3 embryos, 5 day fresh transfer of 2 embryos.  (Embryo Transfer #1)


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January 2013:  A miracle happens…Our first pregnancy

March 23, 2013:  We lose baby Jaxon at 15 weeks of pregnancy


Summer 2013:  Second round of IVF resulting in 1 embryo.  5 day fresh transfer of one embryo, does not result in pregnancy. (Embryo transfer #2)

Remainder of 2013:  Additional cycle of frozen embryo transfer using our last embryo which did not result in pregnancy. (Embryo transfer #3)


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2014:  Explore alternatives to IVF.  Make a major financial decision to invest in an egg donor.

Spring 2014:  Put all of our financial eggs in one basket and put all our hope into an egg donor.

Summer 2014:  First embryo transfer from donor egg IVF.  Does not result in pregnancy. (Embryo Transfer #4)

October 2014:  Cycle with endometrial biopsy, followed by cycle for frozen embryo transfer (1 embryo), results in identical twin pregnancy. (Embryo transfer #5)

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November 2014:  Just days before Thanksgiving, we are devastated to learn that their heartbeats stopped close to 9 weeks of pregnancy.  This was followed by D&C.

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2015:  Multiple rounds of frozen embryo transfers.  None result in pregnancy.  Start working with acupuncturist.  (Embryo transfer # 6, #7 and #8)

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In 2015, I created the Angel Baby Keepsake as a way to help those grieving through pregnancy loss.



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January 2016:  New approach taken with diet and continue acupuncture in parallel with FET cycle.  Spend 6 weeks focusing on diet and lose 15 pounds prior to embryo transfer.  Cycle prior to FET, had scratch test procedure (endometrial biopsy).

February to March 2016:  Frozen embryo transfer cycle (2 embryos) with acupuncture, results in twin pregnancy. (Embryo transfer #9)

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April 2016:  Baby A heartbeat stops close to 8 weeks.  Baby B heartbeat stops unexpectedly right before 10 weeks.  Followed by D&C procedure.

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Summer 2016:  Searching for answers to my miscarriages.  We meet with a recurrent pregnancy loss specialist at Stanford Fertility and Reproductive Health.


Fall 2016:  Trying to enjoy my life and the people in it



Winter 2017:  FET #10