Bill L imageSix cycles and too many injections to count. Calendars to follow and tracking injections on the right day at the right time on and off for the past two years. And we’ve done it perfectly every time. Until now. Last night was my first screw up. For this embryo transfer cycle (controlled cycle) I have to have an intramuscular injection of Delestrogen (which by the way is not an easy drug to get your hands on) on Tuesdays and Saturdays. I was supposed to start the Progesterone injections tonight. But, my brain somehow mushed the Tuesday and Wednesday calendar notes together and I did both last night. By the way, the calendar is color coded so the two drugs are highlighted in different colors. And, I wrote in large letters on the Wednesday date (START HERE), so I wouldn’t screw up the Progesterone start. My clinic had deliberately scheduled me to start Progesterone on Wednesday to enable a Monday transfer with MY doctor so that it would align with his schedule. After panicking last night and waiting for a call back from the nurse all morning, I found out that I did indeed mess up the transfer date since Progesterone is a trigger. It’s now on Sunday. Which should be no big deal (yay, one day earlier), but I know they do their scheduling to avoid transfers on the weekends. So, now I’ve made their weekend schedule more challenging for the lab and the doctors. And I don’t know which doctor will do the transfer. I was really relieved that I knew I would have MY doctor on Monday. Ugh. I’m trying to find a way to shake off my mistake Taylor Swift style, so I called up a good friend who has been through this same process. And she made me laugh. She re-enacted what the nurse was saying on the line while I was on hold…”dumbass on line 1, dumbass on line 1”. And in my head, I’m hearing that horrible boss from Office Space, saying to the doctors…”Yeah, I’m gonna need you to come in on Sunday. We’ve got a special embryo that needs to be transferred, ‘cause someone didn’t read her calendar.”

P.S.  While I was hard on myself, the nurse that I talked to was very helpful, understanding and sweet.  She made me feel better and they know that sometimes these things will happen.

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