NoWhen I’m going through an embryo transfer cycle, I feel like I turn into the Queen of No…might as well call me Grumpy Cat. I feel like I have to defend my energy level, attitude and well-being, which means I have to say no to stuff. I have to stay focused on getting enough rest, exercising and eating right. And then I have to say no some more. And this applies to everyone (well, except the dog). But everyone else…husband, family, friends, work. My husband gets the worst of it.

Husband: We should adopt another dog! Let’s go look at rescue dogs next weekend!

Me: No.

Work: Do you think you can complete this project or take on this new assignment or travel to…

Me: No.

Dog: I love you! I love you! Play with me! Feed me! Cuddle with me!

Me: Well, ok…how can I say no to you.

Friends: We should go out to…

Me: No.

Husband: When do you think we can take a trip to…

Me: No.

Husband: Hey, let’s go…

Me: No.

Husband: Do you think you could…

Me: No.

Husband: Will you…

Me: No.

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