The Summer Break

After we tried and failed at yet another embryo transfer last February I took a break.  A long break.  I realized I needed to get away from everything, including work.  It took a lot of effort, time and planning, but I took seven weeks off work to get healthy, lose weight, enjoy sleeping in and to stop thinking about babies.  I made sure that this seven weeks would allow me to rest, and completely focus on diet (Whole30), exercise and enjoy creativity with my photography.  There were lots and lots of dog walks, Netflix binging, attending a concert, travel to Canada, holding a miracle rainbow baby, and re-creating my Etsy shop (MamaLookUp).  One of the highlights was meeting Miss.Conception Coach in person. (the woman who runs and the private online support group)  It was truly heartwarming to meet her, chat with her in a cafe and give her a big hug…and most of all to say “thank you” in person.  After my break from work, I returned to a job change which was a positive change but got me busy again, enjoyed a long weekend with my BFF and and later celebrated my 5 year wedding anniversary.  This was mixed with re-launching the baby agenda, changing fertility clinics, transferring my embryos, and doing a mock cycle to do the endometrial receptivity assay.

So, here’s my long baby break in pictures…

Lots of dog walks


Lots of dog naps

I even dressed up my dog when everyone was posting back to school photos


Falling in love with this beautiful miracle rainbow baby


Concert fun

Toured all over San Francisco for a day with amazing friends


Traveled to Vancouver, and Butchart Gardens

Meeting Miss. Conception Coach


Going back to work (got a nice welcome back!)

Visiting my BFF

Celebrating our 5 year wedding anniversary

And here we are, after a long break…we did it again…