Thank You Miss. Conception Coach and the Fertility Conference Bloggers!

missconccoach poster

The “Miss.Conception Coach Fertility Conference” came to an end after 14 days of heartfelt posts and I wanted to say a warm THANK YOU to Miss. Conception Coach and to all the bloggers that participated and to all of you out there reading, liking and responding to the posts!  I really enjoyed being a part of this online conference and making new connections with those of you going through similar struggles.

If you have not yet connected through I highly recommend it!  Through her website you can submit a request for the private Facebook page where you can safely and privately share your story and ask questions about all things infertility, miscarriage, hope, and loss.  It is a place to be supported by others on your bad days and to be a support for others on your good days.

As a recap, here’s a list of all the participant bloggers, in case any of you would like to follow any of these blogs.

Elena, Baby Ridley Bump Blog

Chelsea, Starbucks, Peace and the Pursuit of a Baby

Laura, Making Baby Provence

Halie, Then I Look Up at the Sky

Whitney, Running with PCOS

Jessi, Life Abundant

Caroline, In Due Time

Logan, With Great Expectation

Lindsey, Awaiting Autumn

Lindsey, Energizer 25

Ryanne, Girl Ryanne

Sarah, Ramblings of a Barren Heart

Ally, Uncomfortably Optimistic

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