The Gift of Friendship

i love you

Sharing our feelings and our personal journey through words can be rewarding and healing and can bring us a sense of peace. But it can also be intimidating as we are not always sure how our words will be received. I would like to thank my wonderful girlfriends and close family members for the positive and supportive response to my blog post, “The DNA Decision” that was featured during the Miss. Conception Coach Fertility Conference. Thank you Miss Conception Coach for helping me share my story! And thank you to all who follow my blog that offer support by silently reading my story, commenting or liking my posts.

I received some very kind messages from my closest friends after they read “The DNA Decision” and I wanted a place to save them and remember them, so I’ve gathered them here.

Thank you for warming my heart!

“I’m so proud of you Chrissy!”

“I read your post and I am simply amazed.   Your perspective, attitude and willingness to adjust are admirable.   I can’t wait to read more and share your blog with a few friends here who could learn a profound amount from your insight. Love you sister and I wish you success in your journey.”

“You are an inspiration Chrissy! So proud of you!”

“I’ll always be proud of you too, Chrissy. Thank you for always being willing to be so transparent, selfless, strong and an example to so many. Love you dearly xox you deserve so much, I’ll be praying every day for your continued journey.”

“You blog is truly inspiring. You never stop amazing me. You are an example to so many and I hope your courage and willingness to allow other avenues to be open for you brings light to others. I love you my friend and wish you success on your journey.”

“Thank you for sharing this with me, it is heartfelt and I am so proud of you for sharing your journey so others can be impacted. Hugs and love to you, xoxo”

“Chrissy you are an amazingly courageous wonderful human being!!”

This was written to my Mom and passed along to me:

“Wow, how wonderful the writing it is!! As you said she transmitted her deep emotional feelings in a very articulate way. I’m deeply touched by her beautiful writing. I wish Chrissy a lovely baby soon.”

An unexpected gift and blessing from South Korea, Waujeongsa Temple:

“The Day of Buddha’s coming fell on May 25th in the solar calendar.  I visited the temple a few days ago.  Notes with individuals’ wishes will be hung on the very day of Buddha’s coming.  I asked for an excuse to a monk and got the note beforehand.  So a few days ago, only your wishes were hung in the temple.  I like this better. I am sure that Buddha will show more mercy to you and your family.”


I love you – Photo by CJE – Tunis, Tunisia

Lantern photo – from friend in South Korea

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