Murphy: November-ish 1998 to February 20, 2015

murphy cat  3-31-2008 5-34-50 PMMy cat Murphy was my little buddy for the past 16+ years and she passed away a couple days ago. She was such a little fighter and held on to life until I decided she should no longer suffer. While this was another tough couple of weeks due to a negative pregnancy test post embryo transfer, it was even harder knowing I would have to say goodbye to my furry little friend. We’ve been together for so many years, that losing her forced me to reflect on everything I’ve experienced in the time that she’s been by my side. It was heartbreaking to let her go but I’m so thankful it was just me and her in the end and I could be with her to offer her peace in her final breath. It’s amazing the impact that our pets can have on our lives and how they can settle our mood in an instant. I will miss her very much.

Murphy was found on a farm in Davis, CA back in 1998. A friend working on the farm invited me to come meet her and as soon as I picked her up (she fit into the palm of my hands) we became family. Murphy had many years of enjoyment lounging around on the bed, in clean laundry, under blankies, in cat beds and well…just wherever she damn well pleased. She is survived by those she loved. Well, actually no, she is survived by one she loved, many she tolerated, a few she loved to torture and at least one she probably hated. I’m the one she loved. And I loved her. She followed me around everywhere the past 16 years, usually to the bathroom. She loved to walk right into the shower and wait for me to give her water to drink, trickling off my fingers. She loved to have her head scratched, but not much else or there could be hell to pay. She tolerated others that she lived with and was a good housemate to my husband. He was the back up feeder so she had to at least try to be nice. She tolerated my family members and some may have even gotten a chance to pat her on the head once or twice. She enjoyed torturing house-sitters when we went on vacation. She liked to sit on the toilet and scream at my friend to scare him out of the bathroom. Probably because she was waiting for me to show up. Murphy expressed her emotions through purring, meowing, hissing, eye contact (either expressing love, or you better get the hell away from me kind of looks), and peeing on stuff. She was known to hold her ground and even scared a man out of the house in her younger days. He was so scared that he called me at work asking how to get by her in the house (she was blocking a set of stairs, telling him he shall not pass). He was there to install a ceiling light. He was absolutely terrified. I called my friend and we laughed hysterically about it, but sadly, we were not able to help him. Murphy peed on the bed when she was mad or whatever. She ruined two mattresses until I finally figured out there was such a thing as waterproof mattress covers.   She especially liked to pee on the bed when I lived with the guy who is now my ex-husband. She even peed on him in the bed one time. So, obviously I had to listen to her and leave him. The cat is always right.

Murphy hated: getting bopped on the belly by a Kaylee paw (our dog), getting brushed (unless it was on her head), being ignored, getting her nails trimmed, having anyone other than me live in her house.

Murphy loved: Greenies, catnip (fresh and in toys), sunbathing, frolicking in bushes, eating plants, especially fresh flowers like beautiful rose bouquets (sometimes knocking them over and totally not giving a shit about the destruction), white albacore tuna (especially the juice), drinking running water out of sinks and showers, peeing on anything when she was mad, hiding under the Christmas tree, and hissing at the dog. She also loved belly rubs…wait no she didn’t. Yes, maybe she did…well, no, definitely not. Wait yes…ummmm. No, definitely not.

Murphy passed away due to old age and renal failure. She was with her one and only truly loved one in the moment she passed, wrapped in a pink blankie and having her head gently rubbed.

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